But then it all started changing。 Something clicked, and in over a
period of 6 months I finally managed to stick to one of my diets, and
lost 90 lbs bringing me from overweight straight down to underweight。

And I still continue to progress to this day, I‘ve never stopped。

Using the fact that I could change, and that I could get rid of my
fears, I started working on them one by one。 My fear of greeting
strangers, my fear of talking to strangers, my fear of asking simple
questions I should ‘already know’, my fear of hanging out with people,
my fear of not knowing things, my fear of being myself, my fear of
being ‘weird’。。。

I‘d been stuck as this incredibly insecure, under-confident, fat sack
and just scared individual for years and years and years。 Since
childhood I’d been stuck like this, and I‘d just resigned to a life
where I’d be afraid of everything and be this ‘introvert’ or whatever。


This taught me that I could change myself。


It was from that point on my road to change went from a rocky mess to a
full-on empty highway, and I started changing rapidly。

One single time, I heard about a public speaking thing going on at my
university, and for the first time, I actually managed topuckthe
courage to go there。

Here‘s the story of my growth over the past year。 If anyone is inspired
by this, that’s wonderful。


All of them。 Gone。

It was liberating。 For the first time I was able to share my story,
and able to do it in front of dozens of people potentially judging me,
and suddenly all the random fears about speaking publicly started



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This taught me I could get rid of my fears。