In Memory of My Parents and Six Million

What is the right to life
why a time to die?
But what is time
years hours moments.

Years ago no more than thirty forty
the vicissitudes of fate
found innocents in their multitudes.
They lost the right to life
and crying out
why thus, why now, before the time

Their cries echoed
and falling on deaf ears were lost.
And in their death, life was decreed
and years to those who would survive.
Among these multitude were two
who gave a gift
the day that I was born.

The gift of being, basis and the form,
character, values and a name
which I preserved in gratitude and pride.
This right to life to children I passed on
in later years of sun filled days
in summer and in spring.

Oh God
please listen to my prayer
that these my children
never know the grief I saw.
Not see whole cities flames destroy
or faces filled with panic
escape impossible to find.
That their only food not be
a dried up piece of bread
through days with no more hope
and nights no semblance of sleep
dread from terrifying dreams,
and memories too terrible to hold.

And in my depth I swear
until my dying day
that I will not forget and not forgive
in remembrance of all of those
and the two who are so dear
who gave me life
the day that I was born.

Tamara Deuel

Translated from the original Hebrew